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The turtle is a greek symbol for 'woman'. Sailors got a turtle tattoo when they crossed the equator. In Japan the turtle is the symbol of a long life.

Whatever your beliefs are, there is no denying that this turtle is too cute!

Here is a computer bag I made.

Yes! I make bags too!

This one was made for Emily and no one can tell her different!

On the front flap I embroidered a Steampunk butterfly.

How about those tired old jeans that you just love?

How about dressing them up a little bit?


Sometimes just a few stiches can totally change the personality of your jeans.

Wear your totem!




One motorcyclist wanted to wear her heritage.

I embroidered this Celtic design on her chaps!

Logos can be stitched on just about anything!

Zumbro River Ratz in Millville has had their logo embroidered on river wraps, jackets, shorts and more!

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