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This little girls baptismal gown was created from her mothers wedding dress.

It features an embroidered, removeable apron with her name and the date of her baptism.


The apron on this dress can be removed and later used to be wrapped around her flowers at her own wedding for “something old”.

Here is a frontal view of the dress without the apron on it. It can be used again for another child!

Because she was just learning to walk at the time of her baptism, the dress was designed to raise the front of the dress off the floor so the child would not trip while on her feet.

A view of the back of the dress shows the lace adorning it's train and the tiny buttons used for closure. The secret behind the buttons? Velcro!

Here is another christening gown created from a wedding dress. This is a fantastic idea for saving money and creating heirlooms. The use of old family wedding dresses for christening gown material creates another use for that expensive dress you had made for your wedding.

How about a bonnet?
This bonnet was fashioned from the wedding dress used to make the Christening gown at the top of this page.



This bonnet was made to go with the dress baby Kyrie is wearing. I did not make the dress. Just the bonnet.

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